Judy Vargas


vargas judyJudy grew up in a small Northern California town where her family bred and showed Arabian horses. She has been involved in every aspect of horsemanship. “My passion for horses was inborn and natural, somewhat inherited from my parents.”

When she moved to a cattle ranch in Eastern Oregon, she had the opportunity to become involved in the art world by working at a local bronze foundry. There, she discovered another inborn passion… sculpture. Her art education came from her experience at the foundry. “It was irresistible to see what I could do with a piece of clay after being surrounded by all the beautiful sculptures. “

After returning to her home town, she began working asvargas lariatdogs a full-time artist. She has been featured in such publications as The Equine Image, The Draft Horse Journal, Horses in Art and American Cowboy Magazine.

Much of Judy’s work is commissioned. “Commissioning a sculpture is always exciting for an owner. Creating the likeness of someone’s show champion or backyard pet is always an artistic adventure.” Her commissions include perpetual bronze trophies for several prestigious horse events. She also has a line of jewelry and bas reliefs.

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