Rusty Smith


RustySmith400x387I am a self-taught artist.I've always been involved in making pieces of art in my own way. I started out in heavy construction when I got out of the military service - becoming a general contractor and finish carpenter. My love for fine woodworking led me to making furniture, toys and musical instruments.

I later went to work for the California Dept of Corrections as a vocational woodworking teacher. After my retirement, I continued to teach individual students out of my home.

After retiring, we moved to Oregon where the long rainy days gave me the RustySmith2 400x400free time to invest in something new. My son gave me a book on the American Indian and I was very impressed by the character shown on their faces. I started drawing Indians and soon became obsessed with getting my pictures to express the lives they led. I also love animals and enjoy showing their personalities in my drawings/paintings of them.

My work has been shown at the Mid State Fair where I've always got a 1st of 2nd in the categories I've entered. I've been a member of the Paso Robles Art Association and have shown my work at Studios on the Park.

I particularly love realism. spending many hours getting the eyes and expression just right•
concentrating on textures- hair. fur, leather and skin.