Laila Asgari


How do I make art with glass?

asgari pic LailaGlass comes in a variety of forms. I use several techniques when creating my art, but the one I almost always incorporate in my fused glass art is to apply, with a brush or maybe my hand, various sizes of glass frit (ground glass in a powdered or sand like texture) to a flat piece of glass. Using a wet brush, I treat the glass much like a watercolor without the ability to really blend. I may fire a piece several times, adding details and additional colors and shading. I may also slump the piece into a mold to make a bowl or platter which can then be considered functional art. I really enjoy painting with glass and participating in the process of having a finished piece. I say "participating" because, once a piece is placed in the kiln, the finished art always surprises me! The temperature of the kiln, color of the glass, and number of times a piece is fired all affect the outcome

About me and how this came to beasgari longhorn

I grew up in the Santa Clarita Valley area of Southern California. While I still reside in SoCal, I have ties to the Paso area through friends and family. I have been riding since I was about 5 and with my horse and lots of room to roam, I would imagine my life as a cowboy or Indian. I now channel my love of horses with my love of art and create one-of-a-kind, fused-glass works of art.

My art has been featured at several shows in the Autry Museum Store in Griffith Park, Los Angeles and is available for purchase there year round. I also have been a featured artist at OutWest in Santa Clarita, Ca, and my artwork is now available at Brecon Estate Winery on Paso Robles, Ca. I do several shows a year, including the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival and the Cattlemen's Western Art Sale and Show in Paso Robles.

asgari 3 cowboysasgari foal